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Foto -- I used to keep a red collar on Tribble...

* * ANI-NEWS: Chewed the hat off her fairy godmother because it smelled like an anchovy. Exhibited little remorse.

Black Kitten

22 Scarily Cute Black Cats That Will Put A Spell On You

I have always adopted kitties, but one day I will buy a scottish fold kitty. So dern cute.

18 Delightfully Expressive Scottish Fold Cats

Siamese #kitten :) - Spoil your kitty at

12 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Siamese Cats please note this is tongue and cheek. More of a tribute to Siamese cats.

Adopt a Black Cat; They are the least adopted cats because of the stupid superstition. I had many black kitties, specifically Shadow who passed away. He was the most loving kitten ever. Adopt black cats toon. They are just as special!! :-)))

violapunk: “ageeksaga: “ It is literally a cat, in a hat. But even better than that, it’s an adorable black kitten in a tiny top hat. ” It’s literally a hat photoshopped onto the cat.

cat-p0wer:  my favoriteeeee.

the-leap: Meet Penny, my tortoiseshell kitten. My brother rescued her from a ditch right before Christmas, and she’s been with us ever since. She likes ribbons and naps on the couch and is intrigued by long hair.

Happy National Black Cat Appreciation Day, everyone! If you're looking for a companion, consider adopting a black cat. They're often adopted last.

The Lore of the Black Cat

love this beautiful black kitten with emerald green eyes~ every girl needs a little black cat.

Lincoln was given a chance to live, and 10 days after being accepted by a rescue group, the formerly completely immobile kitten was walking and batting at toys. Read more

This is Lincoln, a miracle kitty who couldn't use his legs but against all odds has learned to walk again.

Kitty Contentment                                                       …

Kitty Contentment

Do not worry about losing me for I will never stray. You let me in to your heart where I will forever stay.RIP, my boy


Black cats are the best! Adopt a black cat! They are the most euthanized of all types of kitties!