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Writing: Day 147 Separate Parallel Lives

June 2015 Day 147 This planet is full of people. No, I'm not one who believes we are close to overpopulating. I have driven through .

Writing: Day 137 You and I

May 2015 Day 137 On most Tuesday nights I can be found on our property in a studio with a collection of women.

Writing: Day 50: February 19, 2016 Goodnight

February 2016 Day 50 All is well with my soul.

Writing: Day 185: July 8, 2016                   A Word for...

Writing: Day July 2016 A Word for.

Writing: Day 228: September 2, 2016     Good Tunes

September 2016 Day 228 Good Tunes Published on Feb 2016 "Seen" written and performed by Brenna Carnucc.

Writing: Day 129 Loving Life

May 2015 Day 129 Life is packed, to the gills. When people say, "Wow! You are busy!" I reply, "I am, but I like everything on my list.

Writing: Day 223 "Thank You!" List - The First Day

August 2015 Day 223 First Day of "Thank You" List Today begins a "Thank You! You will be able to add to this list anywhere.

Writing: Day 88: March 29, 2016 Verbage vs. THE WORD

Writing: Day 88: March 29, 2016 Verbage vs. THE WORD

Writing: Day 198 How Do You?

July 2015 Day 198 Dear Jesus, How do you keep from slapping my face when you know what I am going to say before I say it?

Writing: Day 244 Need I Say More?

September 2015 Day 259 No Words.