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Love has no gender and being gay is a blessing. ♥♥ Guy Chris

the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. • nature boy • nat king cole • david bowie . . . forever

You're in love with him. Here's the best part: He loves you more than his own life. So, here's the worst part: He loves you so much more than his own life. #spn #destiel

all hail king of the gays HE KISSED DAVID TENNANT AND CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON BLESS HIM!!!! And if saying "gay" three times really summons a gay men then I am going to keep saying it until J.B. and Anderson Cooper appear in my bedroom!

First of all, God doesn't hate gay people. God doesn't hate anybody. That's his whole thing. - When a man dressed as Satan speaks more accurately about God than your pastor, you know something is wrong. Preach it Satan.

Love Session in the hills of Los Olivos

Photography: Joel Serrato - Read More: