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IXUS FF - March 1999 (Fully automatic fixed-focus IX 240 camera with single focal length lens, developed as a successor to the IXUS FF25, primarily for the European market. )

ELPH LT260 / IXUS Z50 / IXY 220 - March 2000 (This camera has a full compliment of IX 240 features, including three custom functions that can be varied depending on the photographic objective or use of the finished photos, recording of six photography parameters for picture quality improvement (PQI) during photofinishing, three different print type (format) settings, date and title printing, and print quantity setting function.)

- Máy Ảnh Canon IXUS 180 - Cảm biến CCD 20 megapixel - Bộ xử lý hình ảnh Digic 4+ - Màn hình 2.7inch - Zoom quang học 10x (24 - 240 mm) ZoomPlus 20x - Độ nhạy sáng ISO 100-800 - Tốc độ màn chập 15 - 1/2000 giây - Tốc độ chụp 0,8 ảnh/giây (ở chế độ Auto, chế độ P) - Quay phim HD - Kết nối Wi-Fi & NFC - Pin tương thích NB-11LH - Trọng lượng 123g

IXUS AF - March 1999 (Fully automatic IX 240 AF camera with single focal length lens, developed as a successor to the IXUS AF-S, primarily for the European market.)

ELPH 10 AF / IXUS AF-S / IXY 20 - Oct 1996 (Lightweight IX 240 compact camera for the masses. Fully automatic film transport. The AF system uses a high-precision near-infrared beam. Anybody can use this low-priced camera. The picture format can be set to C, H, or Panorama to match the scene or subject. The camera even has a built-in flash with a red-eye reduction feature.)

Canon IXUS 240 HS Digital Camera in Black Slim metal body,16.1 Megapixels CMOS,3.2-inch touch screen with Touch Shutter,Wi-Fi for easy image sharing £179.95