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THe Little Canucker Fan Art Wolverine climbing over yet another fallen foe. Created and rendered in Zbrush and completed in Photoshop.

Chart from 2015 Friends of the Earth "Spinning food," which investigates how Big Food and agrochemical corporations are deliberately misleading the public -- and reporters -- on facts about industrial agriculture and organic and sustainable food production.

I have not had good luck or good results with the "feel good" industry. I don't think I am very skilled in making people feel good for the sake of feeling good. If people come to me looking to have a better understanding of what path they picked to travel this life a stronger spiritual connection and a physical body that is more a friend than foe I can welcome them. Feeling good is not a good goal for me-- we have medication (legal and street) for that-- just kidding-- kind of. BEING GOOD… - Coal India sees first import of 5.8 million tonnes in 2013/14: Reports - Economic Times -

There are good Swedes and bad Swedes. The good ones build a three-ton straw goat every Christmas, and the bad ones try to burn it down. This has happened almost every year since 1966, when the first goat went up in flames on New Year’s Eve. The forces of good have brought in police guards, webcams, soldiers, volunteers, and dogs, but the bad guys have usually won. In 1976 the goat was even run over by a car. What all this means is a question for sociologists, but it’s become a local…

we could do some diy stuff like this with paint and/ or bleach that are really good additions to any goth wardrobe. You are partway there with your comic book love. ;P