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guided reading plan sheet by louise  wilder

guided reading plan sheet by louise wilder

Word Work Cheat Sheet for small group time during reading.  Intervention ideas and a free download.

Word Work Lessons, Grades Free Cheat Sheet for Teachers! from Hello Mrs Sykes

A Cheat Sheet for what to teach in Word Work lessons for grades 3-5 {free from Hello Mrs Sykes}

Hello Mrs Sykes - Resources for Teachers: Work on Words Wednesday - In Small Groups! Great suggestions on how to manage small group time with below level and on level readers

Teaching With a Mountain View: An Amazon Listing Cumulative Novel Project!

An Amazon Listing Cumulative Novel Project!

It& no secret that I love a good cumulative novel project as an assessment. I usually spend the entire novel brainstorming how we can sum .

3rd Grade Thoughts: Using Post-Its for Reading Conference Records

Using Post-Its for Reading Conference Records

Assessment in My Reading Workshop: Awesome reading assessments like. guided reading labels-print out on sticky labels to use during guided reading groups and then restick to student sheet in assessment binder later

Great page that shows different character traits. I will use this page for writing ideas. AND ITS FREE!!!!

I'm so tired of hearing that the character is "Nice" Classroom: Reading / Writing. Character Traits grouped with similar traits. Use to compare and contrast. What are the subtle differences? Would be great to transfer these into a web organizer.

Writing Workshop Conference Sheets

This sheet gives a little bit of direction and a place to keep daily conference records. We talked about using similar materials in Communication Arts to remember and keep track of each student's progress throughout each unit.

It's Time for Guided Reading...Now What Do I Do? product from DragonsDenCurriculum on TeachersNotebook.com

159 page packet has everything you need! For teachers unsure of where to begin, or who have seen the whole guided reading process go strangely wrong, the instructions in this packet help to lead you back to success.

Reader's Notebook: Sticky Note Tracker.  My students LOVE recording their thoughts on sticky notes!

Sticky Note Tracker Sheet-- students "talk back" to their book and jot ideas/thoughts on sticky notes.all sticky notes later get put on tracker sheet for reading conference resource with teacher