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Yep, my brain on MS...bedtime, naptime....

When my brain decides it's time for great ideas - The Oatmeal So true, which is why I have a notebook by my bed to capture those ideas.

& Life Goes On - On Saturday mornings I always like watching old...

I think insomnia is stalking me! No matter what I do, it's right there every single night. I am seriously considering a restraining order.

I'm done

Kilgore's Midday Madness

Funny pictures about How insomnia feels. Oh, and cool pics about How insomnia feels. Also, How insomnia feels.

Can bedding contribute to your Insomnia issues? #insomnia

Can bedding contribute to your Insomnia issues?

In America: The Curse health hazards of insomnia , insomnia , not sleeping , sleepless nights

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