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I was the artist. you were the art. I was suppose to be painting you. but somehow I was the one covered in red laying on the floor

ANDROPHILIA is a tumblelog dedicated to ARCHITECTURE, ART, DESIGN, FASHION, FOOD, NATURE, PHOTOGRAPHY, POLITICS, RELIGION and SEXUALITY. It contains adult material. If you have not reached the age of...

Inspiring image beauty, chair, complex, curtain, dark hair, dreaming, dress, feminine, girl, hair, light, photography, plait, pretty, sweet, thinking, vintage, white, white dress, window, woman - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

“I’m not totally mad at you. I’m just sad. You’re all locked up in that little world of yours, and when I try knocking on the door, you just sort of look up for a second and go right back inside.” — Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

those minutes where I am alone, just me I think about everything, anything. It varies from “what am I doing with my life? to I will die one day --what should I do before I fade away? The room is so silent, but my mind is so loud.

"I hate you!" I screamed, opening the window, so my cries could just pour out into the city. I didn't even care if someone saw me from the street. "You tore me apart!" Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Maple?" ... It was Knox.

Libra and year of the dragon. I'm a graphic artist and Designer. I have a love and passion for art, music, fashion, goth, anime, video games, geek, eurovision, culture, travel, photography, sushi, harajuku and kawaii stuff stuff STUFF and a whole lot...