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You were never created to live depressed, defeated, guilty, condemned, ashamed or unworthy. You were created to be victorious. Thank you Jesus!

Hope and Strength

inspirational quotes about strength in hard times. I agree that Hope and Strength are important but FAITH is crucial. FAITH is the POWER that is foundational to both Hope and Strength.


people who are well liked: 1 Ask for Nothing 2 Laugh at themselves 3 Listen with Interest 4 Rarely Complain 5 Inspire Others 6 Teach 7 Give

Tough times don't last tough people do

The strongest people are those who win battles we know nothing about - true strength

it's true except for saying you love someone. It doesn't become an actions if you don't mean it.

Awesome and so very true! Watch Your Thoughts Motivational Poster Poster

May the odds be ever in your favor

Motivational quotes minus the sugar-coating

Don't let fear hold you back.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step. What great words of wisdom! Taking that first step is always the hardest. Fear is a hindrance. Step past it.

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