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The minimal strategy that the modern residence design adapts is frequently refreshing and a whole lot much less stressful than a crowded area in which you run into a whole lot of meaningless points…

AR House, Mexico Lucio Muniain et al /

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Through a meticulous design process, lasting almost two years, Muuto and Mika Tolvanen went through every curve, edge and detail over and over again. That is also why Mika Tolvanen chose the name Visu, - a reference to the Finnish word for precision.

who would have thought an old, grey house would fit so well in a grass green balcony suit. middle photo: anja mulder, third photo: photobotanicus Related posts:mark borthwickchurches and stringsslade architecture

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If diamonds were made of chocolate... Curving planes of diagonal glass stained in smoky brown and caramel tones give this fluid ultra-modern structure a powerful earthy contrast. A vision of beauty. Emporia Shopping Centre in Malmö by Wingårdhs