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Homemade Aquafaba (Slow Cooker Method)

About Aquafaba & How To Make Aquafaba | Aquafaba is the liquid found in cans of chickpeas and other beans and legumes. It's taking the vegan world by storm as an egg replacer and it whips up just like egg whites for vegan meringues. Click to learn more about this miracle liquid and learn how to make your own in the slow cooker. It's SO easy!

This dairy-free classic yellow cake takes just 5 steps to make

This dairy-free yellow cake recipe is easy to make and perfect for birthdays, graduation parties or anytime! For dairy free kids and lactose-free adults alike, this dairy free yellow cake recipe takes the non-dairy cake!

Easy emergency biscuits

Easy Emergency Cookies: Just butter, flour & sugar are needed to make these simple but tasty cookies.

A classic dairy-free pancake recipe for vegans with a taste for all

This is a recipe that uses almond milk instead of whole milk!!! yippee saved our Sunday breakfast!!!

Coconut Oil in Your Pet's Diet / Recommended dosage: 1 tsp. for every 10-20 lbs. for maintenance; a little higher dosage initially / Can be used also for giving pills / recommended also topically for dry skin, crusty paws, etc.