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Tim Burton style

Ciel Phantomhive in Tim Burton style- 2 of my favorite things. It fits so well because Burton's style is like Ciel's personality.

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Kuroshitsuji | Alice:3

Going to see Book of the Atlantic today with one of my best friends --- super pumped!

Ciel Phantomhive & Sebastian Michaelis | kuroshitsuji

Black Butler (kuroshitsuji) I have been watching this lately and reading the manga, absolutely obsessed as to try something out of it. Detailed things are out of my taste, I tried to keep the overall shapes I wanted most and I liked it, I also took some l

Kuroshitsuji / Ciel drinks his tea like a boss

Black Butler- Ciel Phantomhive Motivational Poster by ~GrayGlassTrick on deviantART BOSS!

d9dcd07972881ae7f8256fff34442492.jpg 300 × 2.822 pixels

d9dcd07972881ae7f8256fff34442492.jpg 300 × 2.822 pixels

Kuroshitsuji Movie: Book of the Atlantic / Аниме и манга / Форум