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Arundel Castle in England.

Arundel Castle in West Sussex, UK has been the family home of the Dukes of Norfolk for over years, remarkably intact castle. I love this castle! It is a perfect model for a castle in my medieval story!

National History Museum, London  Gentleman’s Essentials

National History Museum, London Gentleman’s...

Great Hall of the Natural History Museum, London. The Natural History Museum is the is one of three large museums in London, England. This museum is also known as the British Museum.

The Cloisters- Gloucester, England.

Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester, England, photo by Alan Coles. 🎨 Beauty in Art 🌍”

Little Chapel  Saint Andrew, Guernsey It was created in July 1914, by Brother Déodat

# Saint Andrew "The Little Chapel", decorated by broken pieces of colored glass, in a rural part of Guernsey, Channel Islands (a British Crown dependency in the English Channel, off the coast of Normandy) ~ 17 Astonishing Photos That You must See

Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims - Light Show for 800th Anniversary France

Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims - Light Show for Anniversary France

Dresden, Germany. To see all of Dresden I would need at least a month. It is glorious.  TG

Dresden Castle or Royal Palace, Dresden, Germany is known for the different architectural styles employed, from Baroque to Neo-renaissance. It was built between 1533 and Today, the residential castle is a museum complex.