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I recently sent out a poll asking what you wanted to see me blog about here at LovinSoap.com. The response I received most was actually a question. How do I create the perfect soap recipe? It seems that formulating recipes is something that many soap makers struggle with so I want to offer some tips.  First of all,

Creating the Perfect Soap Recipe

converting percentages to ounces for soap recipes--excellent find!

Converting a Recipe From Percentages to Ounces

Many times you run across recipes that are written in percentages. These are great because you can convert them into workable recipes for any size of mold or production. Sometimes the process of converting percentages to the recipe size that you

How to Save on Soapmaking: Tips for creating soap on a budget

How to Save on Soapmaking: Tips for creating soap on a budget

Learn how to add natural purees such as pumpkin, tomato and more into your cold process soap recipes. This post is full of tips and tricks.

The Fun Cheap or Free Queen: "You're Welcome" Wednesday: 14 homemade soap recipes

14 homemade soap recipes

14 home-made soap recipes~ great gift ideas I have all ways wanted to make soap

Cucumber Soap Recipes

Cucumber Soap Recipes 1 & c. clean rendered tallow 1 c. cucumber pulp c. vegetable oil c. cold soft water c. wheat germ oil or vitamin E oil (external use) 2 drops clove EO (optional)

Honey soap recipes

3 "Honey" Soap Recipes: Honey Amber Soap - Honey & Oats Soap - Honey I Spiced The Soap

Candy Cane Soap | 9 DIY Homemade Soap Recipes

DIY Candy Cane Soap Tutorial from Gluesticks. This soap is made from melt and pour glycerin soap. The crushed candy canes embedded in the soap are for decoration and wash off after several uses, but.

Buttermilk soap bar for sensitive baby skin.

Baby Soap: Buttermilk Bastille Baby Bar

Buttermilk soap bar for sensitive baby skin. Buttermilk Bastille Baby Bar Recipe: Olive Oil – 27 oz Coconut Oil – 5 oz Buttermilk – 8 oz Carrot Baby Food – oz (make sure it says just carrots and water) Lye – oz

Soap Making! Beginner Handmade Soap | http://diyready.com/18-incredible-homemade-soap-ideas-how-to-make-homemade-soap/

Homemade Soap Tutorial

(Package idea) How to make an easy beginner soap. This post also includes ideas for customizing it and making it fun!

Pink Grapefruit Soap Recipe

Pink Grapefruit Soap Recipe

Cold process pink grapefruit soap recipe - this bar has a great scent to wake you up!