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~ Milton Bradley "Milk Magic Doll Bottles" ~ (The Milk Really Disappeared)

I had these for all my baby dolls~ Milton Bradley "Milk Magic Doll Bottles" ~ (The Milk Really Disappeared).and orange juice, too.

Remember this glue in elementary school?  Used to cut pictures from sales flyers and catalogs to glue with this onto paper for Christmas lists!

Remember this glue in elementary school? So messy.I preferred the Elmer's White Paste with the little brush in the top of the lid

Pacman, word zapper, asteroids and my  personal favorite frogs and flies

OMG did I love Atari! My parents only allowed my brother and I an hour and a half playtime on it a day and that was only if we finished our homework! I loved Space Invaders, Castlevania, Donkey Kong, Frogger.way too many to list!

Each worked once per side (4), but you'd have to rotate after each flash.

Flashcubes-OMG, I remember these. You push the button to take the picture and the flashcube turned.


Remember playing this water game called Aquaplay? It was fun to try & get those rings onto the posts using puffs of water.

Pick-up sticks...patience and dexterity required.

Vintage can pick up sticks 1960's - lido toy corp.-nos


I really wish I could find a clear glitter water baton with clear water as well, but with cobalt blue glitter inside!

jelly shoes...practically lived in these!

I wouldn't wear Jelly Shoes today, but I used to have a pair in EVERY color! I wore them all the time; they were my favorite shoe.

Wooly Willy

Wooly Willy

Wooly Willy went on to become one of the 40 most popular toys produced during the 1950 to 1980 period. Seldom has such an inexpensive toy produ.