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Why when after three weeks of nonstop crazy... This is the story of my life ...one day I say "I'm going to just hang out and do nothing" .. It NEVER turns out that way... Oh, well !! Love my kids & family and wouldn't change it for anything !!!

This is what true love looks like…

This is what true love looks like…

Someone snapped a photo of this couple while sitting at Starbucks. This man was teaching his wife/girlfriend (no one knows yet!) the alphabet. She had lost her memory and was re-learning how to read. Patience, love and understanding at its finest.

The great Stephen Hawking once said…

I do not believe there is a grand plan or that our fates are predetermined. My future has yet to be written. Some of it I can influence, but most I will experience, and then react. That's pretty damned exciting!