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How to keep that orchid gift alive! American Orchid Society: Phalaenopsis for Beginners "culture sheet"

Common Name The Yellow Pine Orchid - The Japan Gastrochilus - In Japan - Kashi-noki-ran - In China Huang Song Pen Ju Lan Found as a miniature, warm to cold growing epiphyte in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan in mountainous regions at elevations of 200 to 2


Vanda Orchids like bright light, warm temperatures, and a coarse potting medium…

To Trigger Orchid Reblooming:When your orchid stops blooming, begin fertilizing it every other week with a balanced houseplant fertilizer (20-20-20) mixed at half strength. Do not water your Orchid, Just Add 3 ice cubes on the weeks you fertilize. Move to a cooler environment where nighttime temperatures are between 55 and 65 degree F. until a new flower spike emerges. Return your plant to its usual location and continue watering with 3 ice cubes once a week.  #Orchid

How to Trigger Reblooming of Your Orchid