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Thread in the Aroids forum forum by Share your EEs here! Colocasia, Alocasia, Xanthosoma, and Caladium!

Image detail for -Robusta is the largest of the Elephant Ear Plants in the world ...is this for real??

New Perennials, Shrubs, and other Plants at Sugar Creek Gardens - Giant Thailand Elephant Ear. I wonder if any of these would grow in Western Washington?

Jack's Giant Elephant Ear Plant - Colocasia - Massive Foliage - Potted by Hirts: House Plant. $14.97. Immediate shipping in 4" pots. Rich blue-green cast that lightens to chartreuse around the edges. Foliage is absolutely massive, many feet long and wide. From an early age, the plants are adorned with clusters of dramatically large, pleasantly scented, white flowers. Native to East Asia and India. This astonishing Elephant Ear is well-named -- it really does look l...

Jack's Giant Elephant Ear Plant - Colocasia - Massive Tall Foliage-like but want it on a smaller scale

Blue Hawaii Elephant Ear - Colocasia #uniquecontainergardeningideas

- Elephant Ear Blue Hawaii - Very tidy clumping habit. Unique looking bluish purple veins.

Anthurium angamarcanum, better known as Elephant Ears.....That's one HUGE Elephant Ear plant!!

Anthurium angamarcanum, better known as Elephant Ears.That's one HUGE Elephant Ear plant!

When to plant elephant ears

When to Plant Elephant Ear Bulbs

Elephant Ear - Very good article on elephant ear including how and when to plant bulbs, ideal growing conditions, and how to keep over the winter.

Black Magic Elephant Ear - Colocasia for Sale - Brighter Blooms ...

Black Elephant Ear( Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic') Bulbs from Brighter Blooms Nursery

Philodendron bipinnifolium, Philodendron bipinnifolium Schott ex Endl, Exotic Rainforest rare tropical plants

Philodendron bipinnaforme is often known incorrectly as philodendron panduriforme, Exotic and rare tropical plants from the rainforest