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"With age comes a greater wisdom, an ease and comfort with oneself.", Cherie Lunghi

With age comes greater wisdom to lead a joyful life.

Feng Shui for Greater Wisdom - a serene and thought provoking image to provide balanced energy.

Sun Enters Sagittarius (November 21, 2016) "Your Wisdom will grow as your Humility grows too. There is an integral alignment between your Mind and Heart, and in this Journey of Self-Becoming, no matter how high or far you have come, you must ever “Walk On” to greater Wisdom, as you equally deepen your affections for one another." @billattride #Sagittarius #Wisdom #Humility #Love

As you achieve greater clarity through the wealth of your experience, you will have a greater wisdom in your choices (as long as you stay awake!).

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN "You are responsible for your own problems just as you are responsible for your own liberation or enlightenment. WE LEARN FROM SUFFERING, from problems, by realizing where it comes from and exactly what it is that makes us suffer. Thus, for those seekers investigating the nature of inner reality, problems actually help. Learning from problems give us more energy, greater wisdom, and deeper realizations." "When the Chocolate Runs Out" Thubten Yeshe