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Rose of Sharon

When is a “rose” not a rose? When it belongs to a completely different family than roses. Roses (Rosa) are woody shrubs in the Rosaceae family. Most of us recognize a rose without ev…

Pink Lemonade tropical Hibiscus

These old time Canna bulbs came from a friend about 12 years ago.

Lady Banks alba plena Very large climber, fast to cover. Maybe to train on top of the electrical shed? Only blooms in spring but when it does its a sight!

The spring flowers in the fields and byways are all gone. But summer brings another show with equal beauty. The bar dit…

Turk's Cap is a beauty in the garden. weedinwaterinwatchin.com

One of the pleasures of gardening is the return each year of perennials. Success with plants is not always the case, so it feels good when it happens. One sure way to achieve success in the garden…

Yellow Columbine

Yellow Columbine

lovely Bougainvillea

lovely Bougainvillea

Turk's Cap

A little rain, a lot of wind requiring holding on to a tree for stability, a little cool weather, and some flowers hanging on is the situation here.

Blossoms on Cherry Laurel tree attacts bees. weedinwaterinwatchin.com

Blossoms on Cherry Laurel tree attacts bees. weedinwaterinwatchin.com

Old fashioned irises in a field weedinwaterinwatchin.com

Irises starting to bloom is spring welcoming us to her beauty. On recent cloudy days, blustering spring winds bite and made us doubt that spring has arrived.