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tapirs again

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Just two tapirs chilling in Beauval Zoo. I may be wrong, but I think this was the first time I saw actual tapirs.

New living species of tapir: Hello, Tapirus kobamani | Tapir Cladogram | Dec 2013 Darren Naish on Tetrapod Zoology

A new living species of large mammal: hello, Tapirus kabomani!

Tapirs, Tapir Pictures, Tapir Facts - National Geographic

Get to know the unique animal that looks like a pig, sports a small trunk, and is related to horses and rhinoceroses. Learn more about the tapir's life in the forests of South America.

Malayan tapir side

Malayan tapir side

Female Asian tapir with juvenile

Female Asian tapir with juvenile - View amazing Asian tapir photos - Tapirus indicus - on Arkive

You can't disguise sad eyes

australiansanta: brashlyashley: llbwwb: Tapir Mum and Cub by Klaus Wiese. TAPIRS they look like broken elephants omg


A male Brazilian Tapir has been born at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park. The new arrival, named Dexter, was born on Sunday, February His parents are Misha and Ryan. Paignton Zoo has enjoyed regular successes with Tapirs, breeding seven young.

Singapore Zoo - Exhibits & Zones - Exhibits - Tapir

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