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i'm very proud. (: xx I will never not be proud!

Deeply in love with this boy that it hurts. No words can ever explain how much I love him and why I love him.I love you Niall James Horan,even if you have no clue I exist

at first i was like 'oh. a cute picture of niall with his sleeves rolled up.' and then i saw the curly hair...

Hahah harry is behind him and I was like "what's up with his hair? yaas nialler wearing yo hamburg shirt luv u so much babyyyyyy

Niall gif. when ever i see the boys doing something stupid

(Gif) Niall deserves an award for the worlds best laugh, an award for the worlds most adorable laugh, an award for being so adorb>>>AGREEEED!>>>>> Yes he makes you smile everytime he smiles/laughs it is so freaking adorable :)

Oh Niall

Niall photobombing Harry and a fan<<< lol i was like aww that fan is so lucky she got a picture with harry then i was like aww that fan is so luck she got a picture with Harry and got photo bombed by Niall lol

Es tan lindo...

"Niall wrote 5 songs on our new album gave himself the least solos. I don't know why he always does that his voice is incredible" -Louis :D> oh my god that is so cute