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Sam Winchester vs. clowns #Supernatural I apologize for the "s" word  but this is funny

Me. Me against clowns. The whole fucking world against clowns. (No offence to any clowns, there can just be creepy af)

SuperWhoLock When you've gone there you can't go back

We are the Three gods Sherlock is Zeus cuz he's an arrogant bastard, Doctor Who is Poseidon because our tears made oceans. And Supernatural is Hades because They are always in hell

I often think Misha slips stuff in when no one is paying attention just to see if it makes it to air.

What happened to these kids

Jesse, Jacob, Kate, and Adam (May his sweet soul rest in peace as much as is possible in the Cage). I think I am most curious about Jesse, and I think I want Adam to come back the most. Because that poor kid should not have been forgotten about.

Lol xxxx

And he doesn't finish his sentence. What conclusion can we draw from this, class? :]>>>> The conclusion that i can draw from this is that Cas would like to be in that ass.