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12 Apostles zodiac signs

The Sign of Aries is Saint Peter, the Sign of Taurus is Saint Simon, the Sign of…

Medicine Wheels & Shamanic Cosmology | Concord, CA | Drake Bear Stephen Innerprizes

WHERE TO LOOK ON YOUR ASTROLOGY CHART In a past life regression (PLR) session you actually experience the details of your past life. You are there feeling your clothes, environment, and the emotion…

Many people like to work with planetary influences for their own healing as they can find these on their own astrology charts but also many know which ones are influencing their lives but are not sure how to balance them.

Celtic zodiac--My Bf and I are both snakes... that explains alot LOL

Celtic Animal Zodiac- Falcon/Hawk for Kieran, Deer for Kenzie, Fox for Kolbie & Kyler, and Seahorse for myself. I had been pretty settled on wanting Native American totem animals, but Irish/Celtic makes more sense ;


Sun and Moon for Astrological Signs - Astrology Crystals - Information About Crystals As A Healing Tool