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Machine à coffrages glissants - GT-3200 - GOMACO International - Vidéos

Machine à coffrages glissants - GT-3200 - GOMACO International - Vidéos



Excavator,Industry proven high torque 6 sylinder diesel engine coupled with a reliable variable displacement hydraulic pump and load sensing hydraulic system ensure high performance and reliability.

The “Four-States”area, made up of Southeast Kansas, Southwest Missouri, Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma, has a long history of mining. Many different types of mining were done all over the Four-States, both surface mining and deep mining. The BIGGEST and most memorable bit of history has to be Big Brutus. With statistics like these you can see why!


Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma have a long history of surface and deep mining. This, is Big Brutus. I have heard of Big Brutus.

850hp, 230,000 lbs D11R Caterpillar

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Bigger Digger, no It's not a car or bike but these things are awesome

Massive Open Pit Mining Machine can eat a football field worth of dirt and rocks before you have finished your lunch.