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Temple Bhairabnath (Bhaktapur) Nepal

Temple Bhairabnath (Bhaktapur) Nepal

Temple guardian before the larger than life Ramses, Egypt by Raphael Bick on Flickr

Temple Guardian before the Larger Than Life Ramses, Egypt Abu Simbel

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Columns of Karnak Temple, dedicated to Amon-Ra, Egypt. The Pyramids make it onto the postcards, but Karnak gives us some idea of how ancient Egyptians arranged and moved through their space/structures.


Ancient city in Kakku, Myanmar. travel deep into the Shan hills to the hidden 'forest of temples' at Kakku. More than stupas from the century rise high above a plain. Wander amid these mysterious stupas, far from the tourist trail.

Kathmandu Uncovered with Nagarkot- 1 day

The Stunning Himalayan View From Nagarkot, Nepal (PHOTOS) by Anton Jankovoy, Caters News Service,