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Mamma Maria's Restaurant

Mamma Maria's Restaurant is a traditional Abruzzi restaurant in Philadelphia, PA. Run by a family, the only choice you get is the meat course, which is stated verbally. The other five courses of their prix fixe service just come, as do the bottomless carafe of "dago red" wine, which makes this place an amazing experience. Driving is not encouraged as Mamma makes her own lemon, lemon creme, & berry cello that come to the table with sambuca & amaretto, cake & coffee at the end of the meal.

Telly's Taverna

Astoria, NY has the largest Greek Population in America, and Telly's Taverna is the best Greek meal we've had since my wife and I were in Santorini. Sip Ouzo and eat lightly grilled meats and fresh, warm pita till you say Opa!

Village Whiskey

Village Whiskey in Philadelphia, PA, while full of annoying hipsters and a bit tight on space, is widely known to have the best burger in Philly. I tie it with the Good Dog's burger, but I welcome your thoughts.

Olneyville New York System Restaurant

Olneyville New York System Restaurant in Providence, RI is a late-night lunch counter with GREAT hot dogs served with their signature meat sauce (only found in RI). Best served with RI only Coffee Milk, a meal here is a real Providence experience and a must see when in the Ocean State!

The owners of Josephine's Bistro have opened Scrambled, serving breakfast and lunch. Greensboro, NC Food is delicious!

Chef Vola's

I debated putting this up here because Chef Vola's is an Atlantic City secret that I don't want too many people in on, as it's already hard as hell to get a table in this cash-only, BYOB basement in a family home in the Downbeach section. Then, like John's, they featured it on Boardwalk Empire (as both of these are true to life portrayals). It's simply the best Italian meal one can have in America, period. Everything there is perfectly done.

Pat's King of Steaks

When on cheesesteak corner, pay respects to the Olivieri family who invented the cheesesteak and go to Pat's, dammit