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My only regret is reading this in class then laughing like and “idjit” then my teacher and classmates look at me like on stupid and honestly their right.....

<<my favorite is how the second girl said lucifer help me

Dean being adorable  Be my valentine ❤

Dean being adorable Be my valentine ❤

THE JOSHUA COMMENT THOUGH! I fucking lost my shit there XD also, I'm pretty sure Cas gives a big shit about Sam Winchester as well. stop ignoring that guys >.>

Best angel descriptions ever. I still can't get over Anna. "Died due to her ownership of a vagina"<< Best description of SPN angels


I was offended too cause I was wearing one of my plaid flannel shirts and my dad looked over at me and said "you're a villain"

jensen, ackles

Burst with excitement!

Funny as hell, then MISHA! OMGs, I hurt myself laughing at that last image.<< Jensen used to be a cheerleader too


“I think [Jared and Jensen] understand a wonderful thing. This is unheard of and unreal to be in this situation and I think both of them love each other. We are honestly a family, the Ackles and the.

If you had one thing to say to each Misha, Jensen and Jared, what would it be? Well, this fan...

One hot meme

"You have one hour to stop that immediately." I just can't handle how funny these people are!

Dean is 100% done

Oh Dean is done alright. He's done with your crap snookie