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We're supposed to have a little wind, a little rain, and a little trouble getting home from work tomorrow due to weather. Take a jacket. ~~ Houston Foodlovers

Elf on the Shelf idea for a rainy night ~ with living in FL this is cute since it rains everyday!!

Surviving Winter with Chickens

Surviving Winter with Chicken: CREATE WIND-BREAKS: Covering run walls with construction grade plastic sheeting or tarps serves several purposes: it provides the flock with a warmer run by keeping rain, wind and snow out during the day, and it keeps the coop warmer and draft-free at night. Furring strips should be nailed or screwed to the structure to ensure that the plastic remains in place.

The new sample of Korea pre-wedding photographs presented by S Studio. The new version of S Studio 2012's wedding photos has been changed overall. Natural expression, pose, and warm concept made bride look professional model.With exuberant raining and night snow scene, we are able to provide unforgettable memories to bride.You can be the most beautiful bride in the world with our new looking, gorgeous and vintage style of S Studio.