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10 Most Interesting Pyramid Shaped Buildings in the World

this is a reference to the kind of skyline i'd like to see in the mural.. simplified or in more of a watercolor-like application. i love the glow of the moon and the clouds give oppurtunity to subliminal symbolism.

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Billowy dusk clouds, and the fading of the sun, casts a warm glow, providing a beautiful backdrop for the beach and water below!

The award-winning architecture of the Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Harpa is Reykjavik‘s newest and most distinguished landmark. With daily tours, you can see the award-winning architecture of this building upclose!

upside-down house.....in szymbark poland.....is also built on a slight incline.....so walk on the ceiling and be a little off balance tOO!!! :-)

Upside Down House Poland, in the small village of Szymbark. This house is not only a major tourist attraction but it is also a symbol of the Communist era Architect:Daniel Czapiewski


10 Most Interesting Pyramid Shaped Buildings in the World

Samsung HQ

10 of the World's Most Technologically Advanced Buildings

Samsung's phone business has been taking a lot of heat recently, but its semiconductor, display, and storage business have being going gangbusters. We take you behind the scenes for a tour of their massive new USA headquarters.

The Crooked House, South Staffordshire, England

Ten of the Most Famous Tilted Buildings in the World (Other than Pisa)

MahaNakhon Street View

MahaNakhon: Thailand's Tallest Skyscraper Opens

Bangkok is the economic center of Thailand, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it is home to a constant succession of new construction that ref


When I Saw What They Built Underneath This Floating House, I Couldn't Believe My Eyes

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Image 24 of 28 from gallery of A Selection of Shigeru Ban's Best Work. Photograph by Didier Boy de la Tour