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Ash + Nina - The Dynamic Duo by ThisCrispyKat on @DeviantArt

Needs more Frijir. D: Whoopsie daisy, looks like something intriguing is beckoning Nina offscreen! Well, you know what to do Meatshield-- uh, erhm. Ash + Nina - The Dynamic Duo

I will have him by on DeviantArt

Another mini spyro comic, I don't really know when I'm going to continue this, ( I need to get back into the mood but alas I can't so muc.

TLoS - Adult Spyro by on @deviantART

I wanted to see what Spyro would look like, in my style, as an adult. I like his mane and face, also his wing! Wings drawn by me are usually very ugly.

I have not drawn Spyro in years, he's my favourite video game character. Spyro © to Universal.

War on Belligera by twisted-wind on deviantART

battle of Spyro and Cynder vs the Golem on Belligera from DotD music: [link] War on Belligera