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Mother and child. Tibet.

Tibet, This picture is so poignant. The mother's love for her beautiful child stills my heart. Those eyes!

Monk at a monastery in Bhutan by Feije Riemersma

androphilia: Monk at a monastery in Bhutan by Feije Riemersma འབྲུག་ཡུལ་ Portrait - Black and White - Photography


Signed to IMG. From Toronto, Canada. Goes by Senait and not Senait Gidey. Classic Beauty and an all around lovely personality. She had people noticing her at NY Fashion Week.

'Gypsy woman' drinking tea (masala chai) from a glass, Rajasthan (India) | Mirjam Letsch Photography

Romani woman, Rajasthan, India by Mirjam Letsch, her eyes are beautiful!

Central Asia girls - These girls spend their summer in yurts in the steppes of Central Asia

Central Asia by Galibert Olivier - The girls spend the summer months in a yurt, in the middle of the pasture.


all the things those eyes have seen -Bibi kai, Kalash, Chitral, Pakistan. Photo M Atif Saeed

Mayan Man, Honduras

Facepainting inspiration - The country of Honduras is home to people of various ancestries, most notably the Maya