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Omega-9 foods - Dr. Axe

The Fat that Improves Your Heart, Brain & Mood

Binaural beats essay Binaural beats are a phenomena that has been described by David First as “auditory responses originating in each hemisphere of the brain that are caused by the interaction between two slightly detuned sine waves, divided.

a weekend guide to cascais & sintra. | Charmingly Styled

a weekend guide to cascais & sintra

a weekend guide to cascais & sintra. | Charmingly Styled

Amla, better known as Indian Gooseberry, is widely used in the Ayurvedic medicine system of India.    Amla is extremely rich in vitamin C, having thirty percent more than oranges. It’s packed with many vitamins, minerals, tannins and other helpful nutrients.

AMLA - As a powerfull antioxidant Make skin look younger For anti-aging etc. This was very informative

Benefits of Cayenne (Capsicum)

I'm always telling people about the benefits of eating spicy foods! Benefits of Cayenne by The Health Ranger

30 Super Healthy Affordable Foods. Get healthy and lose weight with our alkaline rich, antioxidant loaded, weight loss products that help you increase energy, detox, cleanse, burn fat and lose weight more efficiently without changing your diet, increasing

20 Great Foods That Cleanse Your Liver. Learn more about the liver health benefits of alkaline rich Kangen Water; the hydrogen rich, antioxidant loaded, ionized water that neutralizes free radicals that cause oxidative stress which can lead to a variety o

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The Health Benefits Of Garlic.fresh and raw has highest medicinal benefit.sprinkle on Mexican, Italian, and Asian dishes.

I feed 20% non-seed based pellets, 70% fresh veggies, 10% fruit and tree nuts. NO peanuts or seeds!

Betta Fish Tank Setup Ideas That Make A Statement!

I feed non-seed based pellets (Zupreem or Roudybush), fresh veggies, fruit and tree nuts. NO peanuts or seeds including sunflower seeds! I have 9 very healthy parrots.