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With Time4Learning, math lessons are taught by engaging characters in colorful, fun activities. Here at Frank's Fraction Pizzeria, 3rd graders learn about parts of a whole from Frank and his employees.

The Best Books to Teach Fractions to Kids

This fun list of children's books includes a variety of books and free lessons to teach and explore fractions! Use these books to introduce fractions, or explore more difficult concepts such as adding and comparing fractions, or making equivalent fractions.

Marvelous Math Books for Kids

Fractions on a Number Line & Visual Models Worksheets 3rd Grade Math Review

Fractions: In this 45 page Fractions Activity Packet, you will receive lots of printables to help your 3rd graders master Common Core fraction skills! Students will identify fractions, learn vocabulary, use anchor charts, compare fractions, write fractions, color fractions, analyze number lines, complete fraction walls, determine equivalent fractions, solve word problems and more!

Fraction Rules Poster or Handout