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Disney Disaster: Potential Law Suit?

Disney Disaster: Potential Law Suit?

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When I smile at someone…

Funny pictures about When I smile at someone. Oh, and cool pics about When I smile at someone. Also, When I smile at someone.

Yep, we all have those days, where the expletives fly. :) (Ursula)

You Call Them Swear Words. I Call Them Sentence Enhancers. Yep, we all have those days, where the expletives fly.

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U.S. Exports, 2011 : NPR

U.S. Exports, 2011

Play Cute Cookie Cut Online - FunStopGames

Sometimes it is necessary to make a clear cut. While this is true for many things in life it is especially important if you have to share a cookie.

"We're not as young as we were, and our bodies are a bit softer. There isn't the same burning passion, but there is something, and I'd say it's something stronger than passion."

Read "Relationships are like a forged blade. At first, the fire burns red-hot, and everyone around can see and feel the heat. People are envious of that heat, but the truth is, a blade must be cooled and tempered to reach its full strength.