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Spiffy Pet Products

♥ DIY Cat Stuff ♥ Oh, litter box problems! Try putting the box inside a bin to reduce scattered littler and smell.

Using a large box, I created a cave for my prek class to use in the library center. Inside is two flashlights and four books on the current theme. They loved it!

"My ex-boyfriend broke up with me because I was Christian. A week later, on his birthday , I sent him the box of the tablet he wanted when we were together. I put a Bible inside that box. "

It's called a "Punch Box" and it's a great alternative to a pinata. (Four-year-olds with big sticks can be a little scary sometimes.) Instead of beating on a pinata with a stick, each child punches through one of the pretty colored circles in order to grab the prize inside.

What's this? A box to an adult and a child. "It's fine to think inside the box as long as you don't accept that a box is a box."

FINALLY SOMEONE DID IT NEWT REMINDS ME OF THE DOCTOR SO MUCH. Think about it he's a British guy running around a big city with a box that's bigger on the inside. He also has a knowledge of a large array of mythical creatures or 'aliens'. Not to mention a magic stick or 'screwdriver' and some companions.

Smores Bark Like a yummy amazing inside out s'mores that you don't even need a camp fire for!

YES YES YES!! Talk about The Cold Hard Truth!!! A Real Truth Bomb!!