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Fang is just in the background lookin like a girl. Stop it. Cut ur hair to at least ur ears

Max and Fang || Maximum Ride ||

Maximum+Ride | deviantART: More Like Maximum Ride: Ari by ~Super-Sonic-101

I hate it when people replace ME with ME like what the hell!!

maximum ride fan art | Maximum Ride by ~deaths-angel-95 on deviantART

Max by Jannat Day (from Maximum Ride manga by James Patterson)

GAZZY is more like my brother slash kid so i take care of him and he also has special powers. he is super smart and he can mimic other peoples voices to prefection.

Maximum Ride- (Max is not blonde... actually, I'm gonna stop before my ranting goes any further. The picture isn't correct. Let's leave it at that lol)

Maximum Ride. She may have tasted good cookies but she has not tasted anything like my moms cookies! Soft, chewy on the inside, and perfect amount of chocolate chips in eat bite! And did I forget soft?

Ari makes things so if you just didn't try to kill them there wouldn't be a problem.