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awww .. very true

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.

Boxer baby bubbles

This is definite boxer behavior. My Max, has the spit bubbles like crazy.

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I asked God for a true friend, so He gave me a Boxer So True!


<3 Spot On!..even for an atheistic/agnostic! (Just as if I was of a different organized faith such as Hindu or Muslim, I'd just reword it a bit but the inner meaning would still stay the same.)Boxers, wow!

I had a boxer when I was a kid, her name was Duchess and she was my best friend

Better out then in

As a Boxer owner, I laugh when I see all the 'close-ups' of these dogs because it's so inherent for them to connect with such closeness. It's a Boxer thing.