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Flume. backstage shenanigans.

Flume. backstage shenanigans.

actions speak louder than words

paislley: “lepetitchatblanc: “ Cause Boo and I both appreciated this album cover Talk is Cheap // Chet Faker ” fuck yeas ”

Never wear your lumberjack shirt without our massive beard.

if you're gonna have a crazy mountain man beard, at least wear a cool flannel like this?

One time I locked myself in my closet and listened to music for hours, I was…

It gets better! I know it stinks to hear that all the time, but trust me it does! So for the time being, it's okay to fit better into lyrics than life.

And just who is it that you keep hearing your problem and information from? Not us, you've never talked to us face to face/email/anything. If it's such a problem, confront us, Ill show you everything we talked about with the in-laws and the emails/texts/posts from them to back it up. I don't blame you at all for your attitude toward us but I'm not going to sit back and swallow lies about us from them.

Chet Faker - Talk Is Cheap

And just who is it that you keep hearing your problem and information from?

A Well Changed Woman

Now in long hair as a hairstyle is to become a trend, but, how about men with long hair and beards? is the combination of a beard with long hair also to become trendy?

I love this and there is only one person in this world who knows the value of this statement.....unfortunately....I haven't spoken to this person in 7 years...you know who you are :)  This makes me smile!

My favorite apathetic response. Apathetic:having or showing little or no emotion: apathetic behavior.

oh. ok

I FEEL this way towards so many people/things right now. Fucking let downs

Oh Darling Lets Be Adventurer Screen Printed Poster  by fifiduvie

Art/Wall Decor - Adventurers Print I FIFI DU VIE - oh darling let's be adventurers art print, fun quote art prints, black and white quote art prints,

Greg Constantine 'Couch' Framed Print

Art doesn't have 2 match the couch - made of old license plates - yes! (Great art by my friend, Greg Constantine.