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How white people changed the Identity of biblical characters from black to white. Pure deception! - YouTube

84 Year old black woman pepper sprayed in the face in her own home - Jac...

Black people don't like change because we can't face reality. We've beco...

14 of the Most Scandalous Women in History

Isadora Duncan. Inventor of American modern dance. Shifted the focus of dance from the stifling emphasis on feet to the soulful, expressive, liberated solar plexus. Made dance more about freedom and emotions and introduced movement inspired by nature, athleticism, and folk dance, among other things. Muse to many artists across many genres.

A powerful story of overcoming obstacles…

"Get the hell ot of my race and give me those numbers." After realizing a woman was running Boston marathon organizer Jock Semple went after Kathrine Switzer. Other runners blocked him and she went on to finish the race. 1967 (five years later, women were

So who is this white man posing as Jesus Christ? His name is Cesare Borgia, the second son of Pope Alexander the 6th of Rome. He modeled for the image of the "new Jesus Christ". Originally painted by Leonardo da Vinci. - "The Borgia" by Marion Johnson pg. 163


EUROPEAN CONFESSIONS-AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE THE TRUE ISRAELITES AND THE C... I would like to invite you to join my new Face Book group Moorish American Men and Women also visit Feel free to visit my new Word Press for articles only,