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Thats one calm teacher

One of my teachers wouldn't even notice.<<< My math teacher wouldn't notice

How he gets things that small to stay put, I don't know, but his work is pretty amazing!

Funny pictures about Pencil carving? Oh, and cool pics about Pencil carving? Also, Pencil carving?

Inspiration Pad

Inspiration Pad

Inspiration Pad: Absolutely worth the money. Its unusual, artistic lines draw out creativity in a novel way. My daughter ADORES this format for a unique change in writing scenery.

Artist Carves Miniature Artworks Onto the Tips of Pencils - Salavat Fidai

Plants with pants

"Plants with pants". There are some seriously nice abs.on those plants. Oh, god help me<<In this point I think it's time to start asking help from Satan tbh


"I swear I'm a writer, not a serial killer." "Just a writer with serial killer-like tendencies in my writing." "im a serial killer.