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ИНФОГРАФИКА: Как найти лучшее сочетание еды и вина | Лайфхакер

Food and Wine Pairing Method. See the theory of food and wine pairing in action with this easy to use chart. Then, understand the simple science behind food and wine pairing based on our basic sense of taste.

Wine & Dessert Pairing Guide

16 Cheat Sheets For Anyone Who Loves Drinking Wine

Wine & Dessert Pairing Infographic: this will be helpful once we are in our apartment and inviting people over for dinner!

Cheese Dump, Bitches. - Imgur

Cheese Dump, Bitches.

perfect wine and cheese pairingsWant to host a fancy wine & cheese gathering? Or just looking for some guidance on what wine to pair with your next date night dinner? We've got this handy dandy wine & cheese pairing guide that will never steer you wrong.

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Brandy and Wine. Clear The Confusion About Wine With These Tips. Good wines are everywhere, grocery stores, restaurants and liquor stores.

¿Qué uvas se emplean en los vinos de Francia?

¿Qué uvas se emplean en los vinos de Francia?

I don't drink beer. But this knowledge might be helpful in the future. Pick Perfect Beer Glass | Food & Drink

We've never seen somebody in Germany drink our of a beer-boot.still, glasses are often overlooked when picking a beer, but they play an important role in helping to release the aromas of the beers you drink!

Red Wine! (personal images are used in my audio e-books for children 3-7 and Illustrative Poetry, available at www.jamesagrove.ca)

Grapes ripening on the vine: Autumn, and the harvest, called "la vendange" in France, are on the way. Marked by festivals and fairs, it is a wonderful season to visit one if the wine regions of France. So many to choose from!