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This book is one of my favorites. It's a great mystery and adventures and a bit of supernatural beings. I was blown away by this book I couldn't set it down. It is available on Amazon
Perhaps the books were already torn apart from being read so much as someone's favorite book and they just didn't want to throw away the spines and such. That would be acceptable.
Soul Eater Fans: wake up with Blackstar and Soul pounding on your door because you slept in and had plans with the teams
This needs to happen, and i need to live there! Please?!? PS apartment 221B as a penthouse ;)
I would to" this whistle makes me there god"
OKAY GUYS LET ME BE HONEST WITH YOU... I need to watch Sherlock and Doctor who... BUT I know so much stuff bc TUMBLR! But yeah I'll watch it. GUYS I NEED SUPERWHOLOCK OKAY IS GOLDEN
Goes for fanfiction as well, if someone writes a 80,000 odd word novel even if it based around pre-existing characters who are we to say it isn't real
=-O Seriously, Supernatural not just entertainment - you also learn things... hello? James Lipton's "An Exaltation of Larks" anyone? What? I'm also a word nerd. Sue me.
SUPERWHOLOCK… i personally think Lestrade should be on Hufflepuff since he's from the original canon….