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successful people always carry two things

successful people always carry two things

Just a point of view…

Just a point of view…

Big Bang Theory , didn't have Smokey the Bear i India, we and Mun-Mun the Mangoust, he taught us not to play with cobras, you had to be taught not to play with Cobra? you had to be taught not to se forest fires?

Archetypes: The Innocent - Project M

More accurately -- Good people bring out the best in others. Bad people bring out the worst in others.

"Stop labeling people just because they're not like you "

"Stop labeling people just because they're not like you." Kushandwizdom --- Difference between each and every one of us is God given. So nobody has a right to judge it.

O caminho para o sucesso:  Pense bastante -> Desenvolva uma ideia/projeto -> Ponha em prática -> Faça isso diariamente -> ...continue fazendo... -> ...continue... -> ...não desista! -> ...SUCESSO!  Nesta quinta de promoção #NABSHOW2014, gostaríamos de convidar você a insistir em suas ideias e sonhos! Acreditamos que pessoas com esse tipo de postura, ao se realizarem pessoalmente, ajudam a construir um mundo melhor.

Think --> idea --> try --> do --> do again --> and again --> keep going --> SUCCES

Fear also creates mistrust. And without trust and respect, you have NOTHING.

I know that sounds strange, but I fear loving another for just that reason - trust. If the same thing were to happen ever again, I truly don't think I'd be able to come out the other side like I did before. So. let's just keep it simple, shall we?

Trust that an ending is followed by a beginning

Trust that life is eternal and life after death is a new beginning. Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September

Be grateful

Garden wisdom: "Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom" Marcel Proust - via Lisa Congdon 365 Days of Hand Lettering