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This is a fantastic T-shirt on so many levels.

Greed-O's by Droidloot

Princesses Can Pew! Pew! Too...I want this shirt!

Princesses Can Pew! Pew! Too by walmazan

Building an Empire Tee by Shirt.Woot.com

Building an Empire by fishbiscuit5

Woot Derby entry deserves your support

"Inconceivable" Princess Bride

Inconceivable by lucky1988

Fly Away.  A little dinosaur tshirt geekery.....I want this.

Fly Away. A little dinosaur tshirt geekery my hubster, the geology guy, would love.

Google Image Result for http://media.hideyourarms.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/6e862220-80a1-4163-a233-c81c51f962e9.png

The Elemental Eatery by fishbiscuit5