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la lune // le soleil // la terre // la mer

“The sun is a thief: she lures the sea and robs it. The moon is a thief: he steals his silvery light from the sun. The sea is a thief: it dissolves the moon.” ― Vladimir Nabokov [La Lune, La Terre & Le Soleil Prints by CAROLINE MCGRATH]

I learned it like after the fourth there's another, transecting the fourth dimension and fifth, which represents travell in time, alternate time, travel between alternate time, infinaty, travel between infinaties and infinate infinaties.

Easy Way To Understand Dimensions And How The Universe Started To Exist

1950s Original Stars & Constellations Maps Hemispheres Vintage Astronomy Astrology Prints

Original Stars & Constellations Maps Hemispheres Vintage Astronomy Astrology Prints Illustration Reverse onto negative space for background

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And it magically turns on your intuition since youre constantly figuring out how to survive the best way in a new environment! Will definitely help in your careers and professional life.

Animal longevity    Ask students how to illustrate this information in a graph form and let them create the graph.

curiositycounts: “ How long different animals live, in a vintage infographic by pictogram pioneer Otto Neurath circa the Neurath created ISOTYPE, the visual language that gave rise to modern.


Magic - Roald Dahl

Magic - Roald Dahl This beautiful piece, hand written in brush calligraphy by Kirsten Burke is so up-lifting. We love Roald Dahl, and this quote of his is the perfect reminder that magic does exist!