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Dexter ♥

I love book Dexter Morgan and I can't wait to watch the TV series when I finish the books!

Dexter poster!  Real nice!

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Dexter is awesome and Casey Anthony does not deserve a second chance in society...any questions?

Too bad Dexter is fiction, the system could use some justice, my life would have been better if I could have had him as a loyal friend ! Had some real mf in my family/boss/friend background!And believe me the world wouldn't miss them.

You're goin down (sorry Bobby from SPN! this episode was a nod to SPN! With the killer writing "bobby" everywhere??

For all you Dexter fans.. he’s BACK! (22 photos)

Dexters family.  Love me some Dexter.

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Just sad that the teen dexter is taller than adult dexter. I never noticed.

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