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Huge spider! Ugh look at the reflected eye!

Ugh look at the reflected eye!

Explore Jim Frost's photos on Flickr. Jim Frost has uploaded 1801 photos to Flickr.

Snowy Spider Web - Not a fan of spiders, but thought this was pretty. Never gave much thought to a frozen spider web.

Bubble In A Spider's Web

Bubble In A Spider’s Web

Pink Katydid! A rare (1 in 500) genetic mutation has caused the creature's typically green exoskeleton to reflect pink light instead.

10 Bugs That Are 5,000 Times Cuter Than Puppies Or Kittens

So, instead of albino, katydid's go pink. My daughter would be in heaven. A Katydid. Commonly green, its pink colour is the result of a genetic mutation known as erythrism, similar to the recessive gene that afflicts albino animals.

10 deadliest spiders ... cool!

10 deadliest spiders ... cool!

Hello Mary Jane    by ~rizaturker

These illustrations were created by Turkey-based hobbyist artist Riza Turker as part of his 'When We Were Kids' series where he imagines what the lives of

This Video Will Make You Even More Grossed Out By Spiders -- See What Was Living Inside Of One

Wednesdays on Science Channel When Australian Brent Askwith gave this spider the bug spray treatment, nature inflicted her cold revenge.

Absolutely stunning photo of a golden orb weaver!

Absolutely stunning photo of a golden orb weaver!