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Women who-

Another Harry Potter Moment.

This is so cool! Fandoms unite!! *<<< i agree.....BUT I CANT GO IN SEVEN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS AT THE SAME TIME. WHYYYY

Choisir son monde

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We need a ship name for Fred and Hermione. Is there already one? If there is, I need to know it because I totally ship it!

If I went to Hogwarts, my favorite thing would be the food

Reading this these thoughts come to my head: Hermione: Will you stop eating? Ron:*looks at her like she's crazy* Hermione:Your best friend is missing. Hermione:Why are you always eating? Ron:What?

This is War! 30 seconds to mars! <3

Harry Potter - This is War, 30 seconds to Mars

Harry Potter witches reimagined as Disney characters!

Harry Potter witches reimagined as Disney-style characters! Bellatrix looks like Morgana from Merlin

This is so true ! I first read harry Potter, then hobbit and lotr, then sherlock, teen Wolf and supernatural

Harry potter is a gateway fandom, it quickly gets you addicted to other shows and books, and then you find yourself awake at 3 am reading fanfic and ask yourself 'how did my life get here?', that's what Harry Potter does to people.