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40 Ways to Leave a Lesson (CLOSURE) for when I am getting evaluated. because I suck at this.

Create Your Own Animal - give as an assigment to make an animal to survive in a specific environment

Create Your Own Animal

Create your own animal.Great to use with science adaptations lesson.Have kids create their own animal, then write a story about where it lives, what it eats, predators etc. It's fun, plus they have to really do some thinking!

Periodic Table of Text Message Lingo; I need to print this out and hang it on my office wall!!

Oh yes - now I can be a HYT by being down with texting lingo! I found this school pocket folder with the Periodic Text Message Table on it. So not only can I read some of those text messages that c.

blogging prompts

blogging prompts

5 Not-So-Hidden Secrets About Working as a Web Developer

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a front-end developer, you need to check out this free ebook. It’s full of interviews with current front-end devs, hiring managers, and job search advice that’s specific to this profession.

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